Prepare for Future Health Care Expenses with PEHP

Take advantage of PEHP, your Post Employment Health Plan.

Your employer has chosen to offer PEHP to help you accumulate health benefits now to use when you separate from service or retire. PEHP is a health reimbursement arrangement that puts aside money for you now to help pay for qualified medical expenses later.

How it works

You get an individual account that’s funded by your employer’s contributions. You choose how to allocate the contributions among an array of investment options, and your account grows on a tax-free basis.

When you retire or separate from service, you can submit claims for qualified medical expenses to be reimbursed by the funds in your PEHP account.

Your Nationwide representative can answer any questions you have about the account, investment choices and what’s covered under your specific PEHP program.

Next steps

The only action you need to take now is to decide how to allocate the funds inside your PEHP account.

Call your Nationwide representative at 1-877-677-3678.

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